AED Special Situations

If the victim has hair on the chest that may prevent pads from sticking. Quickly shave the area where you will place the pads using the razor from the AED carrying case. Or remove the hair by using a second set of AED pads (if available). Apply the pads and press down firmly then rip the pads off forcefully to remove chest hair. Reapply a new set of pads to the bare skin.

If the victim is lying in water, quickly move the victim to a dry area.

If the victim is lying on snow or in a small puddle, you may use the AED (the chest does not have to be completely dry).

If the victim has water on the chest, quickly wipe the chest dry before attaching the pads.

If the victim has an implanted defibrillator or pacemaker, do NOT put the AED pad directly over the implanted device. And follow the normal steps for operating an AED.

If the victim has a medication patch where you need to place an AED pad, do NOT put the AED pad directly over the patch. Use protective gloves to remove patch. Wipe the area clean and attach the AED pads.