Choking is when food or another object gets stuck in the airway in the throat. The object can block the airway and stop air from getting to the lungs.

Mild Airway Block:

If they can talk or make sounds or can cough loudly –  Stand by and let the person cough. If you are worried about the person’s breathing, phone 911.

Severe Airway Block:

If they cannot breathe, talk, or make sounds or has a cough that has no sound or makes the choking sign (holding the neck with one or both hands) – Act quickly.

Abdominal Thrusts (Heimlich Maneuver), Chest Thrusts:

Gives Thrusts until the object is forced out and the person can breathe, cough, or speak, or until he becomes unresponsive.

If your victim is pregnant, in a wheelchair, or larger person – Do Chest Thrusts.