First-Aid Kit and Training Requirements

A complete first aid kit shall be maintained and be readily available in a specific location in the facility. The kit shall be a general type approved by the American Red Cross, or shall contain at least the following:

A) A current edition of a first aid manual approved by the American Red Cross, the American Medical Association or a state or federal health agency.

B) Sterile first aid dressings.

C) Bandages or roller bandages.

D) Scissors.

E) Tweezers.

F) Thermometers.


Gauze pads (4×4) Large gauze pads (8×10), band-aids, roller bandage at least 2-inch wide, triangular bandages, wound cleaning agent, scissors, tweezers, adhesive tape, gloves, resuscitation equipment (face shield, pocket mask) for CPR.

Staff providing night supervision from l0:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. shall be familiar with the facility’s planned emergency procedures, shall be trained in first aid and shall be available as indicated to assist in caring for residents in the event of an emergency.

Staff who assist residents with personal activities of daily living shall receive appropriate training in first aid from a qualified trainer.

Locations of Kits:

Recommendation:  Wellness or Health Services (Med room), Bus, Memory Care, Front Desk, Kitchen.

Be familiar with the locations of First Aid kits (Include in your New Employee Orientation). Always check that no products have expired and all required items are in the kit.