Moving The Victim

Recovery Position

  • Used when a person is breathing and unconscious.
  • Helps keep airway open.
  • Allows fluid to drain from mouth.
  • Prevents aspiration.

How to Place in Recovery Position

  • Extend victim’s arm closest to you above victim’s head.
  • Place victim’s leg farthest from you, over his other leg.
  • Support head and neck.
  • Place victim’s arm farthest from you across his chest.
  • Roll victim towards you.
  • Position victim’s top leg so the knee acts as a prop for the body.
  • Place victim’s hand under chin to keep airway open.

Emergency Rescue Moves

In general, a rescuer should not move a person unless it is necessary to provide care or there is a direct danger to the person’s life. Remember to protect the head, neck and back.

Clothing Drag – Grasp the shirt near the shoulders. Lift up and walk backwards dragging the patient.

Blanket Drag – Place the patient on blanket or sheet. Grasp at head end, lift up and walk backwards or crawl while dragging the patient.

Extremity Drag – If necessary, simply drag by holding the legs or forearms and pulling.