Safety Basics – Caring for Seniors

  • Communicate immediately with the Med Tech or Licensed Nurse for appropriate action.
  • Inspect apartment after move-in and regular room inspections for unsafe situations: Clutter, open walkways for ambulation for walker/wheelchair, throw rugs, extension cords, expired food or beverages, chemicals, RX or OTC medications not secured, etc. Recommend to create a checklist to assist staff with this inspection. Safety First!
  • Report any unsafe situations immediately to the appropriate person. Follow up.
  • Safety Recommendations: Flashlights and Nightlights in resident apartments, motion sensor lighting for safety.
  • Know your resident’s health conditions, allergies, diagnoses, DNR, etc.
  • Communication/Documentation per Regulations/Company Policy. Responsible Party, Physician, Licensing, Ombudsman, Police, etc.
  • Emergency Contact:  ED, Management Team, employee phone list, Regional Team, Corporate office. Keep updated and accessible.
  • Emergency Phone Numbers:  Police, Fire, Ambulance, Licensing, Vendors, etc. Post near the phone in a conspicuous area.
  • If You See Something, Say Something!