The Five Fears of Rescue

Fear of Disease
Solution: Universal precautions. Whenever the possibility of coming in contact with bodily fluids exists, wear personal protective equipment for every patient, every time.

Fear of Lawsuits
Solution: Good Samaritan laws. States have laws that protect people from legal action who act in good faith to provide reasonable First Aid when the rescuer does not have a legal duty to respond.

Fear of Uncertainty
Solution: Emphasis is placed on the role of CPR not merely on the number sequences. Even if numbers are forgotten, remember to push hard and push fast. This emphasizes the simplicity of basic life support.

Fear of Hurting a Patient
Solution: Patients who are clinically dead can only be helped, not made worse with resuscitation efforts.

Fear of Unsafe Scene
Solution: Never enter an unsafe scene! Rescuers are no use to patients if they become patients themselves.