Toxic Eye Injury, Puncturing Injury

Toxic Eye Injury

If chemicals get in a person’s eyes, rinse with lots of water for at least 15 minutes or until someone with more advanced training arrives and takes over.

Caution:  If only one eye is affected, make sure the eye with the chemicals in it is the lower eye as you rinse. Try not to rinse the chemicals into the unaffected eye.

If an eyewash station is nearby or you have access to an eyewash kit – USE IT.

If neither is available, use water from the tap or normal saline or contact lens solution.

Phone 911

A Penetrating or Puncturing Injury

Penetrating or puncturing injuries to the body are treated differently from more common bleeding injuries.

An object such as a knife, nail, or sharp stick can wound a person by penetrating the body or puncturing the skin. If the object is stuck in the body, leave it there until a healthcare provider can treat the injury. Taking it our may cause more bleeding and damage.