Universal Precautions – Protective Gloves

Because of the risk of infection, using protective gloves and taking them off correctly are important steps when it comes to your safety and the safety of others. Always dispose of protective gloves properly so that anyone else who comes in contact with the biohazard waste bag does not get exposed to blood or body fluids

Actions for Removing Protective Gloves:

  • Grip one glove on the outside near the cuff and peel it down until it comes off inside out.
  • Cup it with your other gloved hand.
  • Peel that glove off so that it comes off inside out with the first glove inside it.
  • If blood or blood-containing material is on the gloves, dispose of the gloves properly. (Put the gloves in a biohazard waste bag. If you do not have a biohazard waste bag, put the globes in a plastic bag that can be sealed before you dispose of it.
  • Wash your hands well. You should always wash your hands after removing gloves.